Super Creamy Cashew Rice Milk

While I was in Mexico I discovered a vegan horchata, and it was a game changer. Creamy, rich and sweet it ticked all my boxes.

I’ll be honest, plant based milk has never been my thing, I have always found them really unappealing and watery. As a private chef I have been noticing a lot more of my clients requesting plant based menus for our events so I have been toying around with this problem for a while. Almond milk is definitely one of the better ones, but if you are trying to cut down on animals products for environmental reasons (like I am) almonds are a pretty unsustainable and pesticide heavy crop. Plant based milks can also tend to be rather expensive, at least in South Africa, as many of them are imported.

If you are reading all of this and thinking “SAME!” then good news, after about 15 iterations I made a plant based milk that pulled me back to that magical horchata moment in Mexico. Its simple to make, requiring a few hours to soak, super creamy and made with 5 ingredients.

What makes it different?

The secret to this quick, 5 ingredient recipe is a blend of ingredients that together are greater than the sum of their parts.

Soaked rice creates a milky, neutral base, which forms the foundation for other flavors to shine through. A couple of soaked cashews give the final product a mouth feel akin to dairy milk, and dates and a pinch of salt round everything off nicely.

The best part? Unlike many of your favorite vegan milks, this one is oil free and heats really well!


Super Creamy Cashew Rice Milk

Makes 1,5L


1 cup uncooked long grain white rice

4 cups water

90g raw cashews

2-3 medjool dates (about 12g)

1 tsp vanilla (optional)

pinch of salt (to taste)


In the jug of a high speed blender, (I use an omniblend and it’s AMAZING, but any blender will work just fine) add the rice and water. Blend on high until the rice has broken up into 1mm little pieces (be careful not to over-blend or it’s hard to strain). Leave the rice to soak for 3 hours.

While the rice is soaking, place the cashews in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Set aside until later.

When the rice is done soaking, pass the liquid through a fine mesh sieve and add the milky water back to the blender. Discard the rice.

Drain the water from the cashews and add them to the blender, along with the dates and vanilla. Blend on high for about 2 minutes or until the cashews are completely blended into the rice milk. Turn off the blender and dip in a spoon to taste the milk, before adding a pinch of salt, and giving the mixture a few more pulses to mix in the salt. At this point taste again, and feel free to add more vanilla and dates if you prefer a sweeter milk.

Once blended simply strain the cashew rice milk through a nut milk bag, or an old clean t shirt, and pop it in the fridge. You might be left with a little cashew residue in the bag after straining. This stuff is golden! Spread it all over your toast, add a few slivered almonds and thank me later.

The milk will naturally separate a little, so before you use it just give the bottle a little shake.

Your milk will last about 6 days.

Serving suggestion:

For the ultimate iced coffee, pour one shot of Nespresso Scuro over ice, before adding maple syrup to taste, a few drops of vanilla (optional) and a few glugs of your ultra creamy cashew rice milk. SWOON!